Castor wheels are wheels that are designed to be attached to the bottom of an object, and allows that object to be moved.
Our clear castors are the ideal choice for those who want to maintain the sleek, modern look of their furniture. Shop now and upgrade your space!
Need to move lightweight equipment or furniture? Our light duty castors are the perfect solution. Browse our selection and find the right fit for your needs.
Medium Duty Castors are designed to carry heavier loads. Castor wheels allow you to easily move a heavy object over various floor surfaces.
Nylon Wheels Nylon castor wheel has a high durability level. You can use these wheels effectively in environment where the temperature can be anywhere between -40°C to 90°C without compromising the integrity of the wheel. They also have very little friction, allowing a low rolling resistance, and a high resistance to chemicals, oils, and fractures.
Pallet Jack Wheels are spare replacment parts fit most modern standard pallet jacks. Steering Wheels Load Rollers Bearings
Our pallet jacks are designed to make your warehouse operations more efficient and productive. Browse our selection today and find the perfect fit for your needs.
Our stainless steel castors are corrosion-resistant and have an excellent surface finish, making them ideal for medical, and food industry applications.
Trolley Wheels Trolley wheels are used with axles and fitted to a platform with a handle. These Trolley wheels are normally sold in pairs.

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