Large Folding Nose Trolley

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Folding nose Trolley Large

Large Folding Nose Trolleys: Effortless Hauling for Heavy Loads

Large folding nose trolleys are the ideal tool for transforming heavy lifting into light work. They allow one person to effortlessly transport boxes, appliances, and other bulky items, saving time and resources. Popular in short-distance delivery and courier services, these versatile trolleys offer a powerful solution across various industries.

Key Features:

  • High Load Capacity: Large folding nose trolleys typically boast a weight capacity of 225kg, making them perfect for heavier loads.
  • Compact Storage: The innovative folding nose design allows for convenient storage in vehicles or tight spaces. Many delivery vehicles even hook them onto the back for quick access.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: The folding nose improves maneuverability in narrow aisles, around corners, and even through single doorways.
  • Solid or Pneumatic Wheels: Most large trolleys come with 200mm diameter solid rubber wheels for durability. However, some modern designs offer pneumatic wheels for smooth rolling on uneven terrain.
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