frequently asked questions about Caster Wheels

– Manufactured from Stainless Steel allows for usage in Wet Environments.

– Yes, It is very common for the Plate Swivel castor to be combined with the Plate fixed (rigid) castor wheel when designing a trolley to have some steering control.

– Allows for the use in wet environments, whereas the standard mild steel caster wheel are prone to damage from corrosion.



– There are two components to a caster wheel.

The wheel and the housing (bracket). The caster wheel is usually mounted under heavy objects to allow for easy moving.

The Stainless steel housing will allow the caster wheels to be used in wet environments such as the catering industry.

– As an option the plate swivel with front brake are also available, as well as the fixed (rigid caster)


– 6 months to 12 months. No warranty will be provided where the caster wheel has been subjected to a load capacity that exceeds the specified load.

Caster wheels are provided with mounting holes in the mounting plate, and are designed to be bolted onto the trolley.

The practice of welding the caster to the trolley will void the warranty.